Saturday, September 23, 2017

More Important Than Football, Either Real Or Fantasy-Based.


The following is from Mr. Doug Baldwin, who is a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks football team:

It seems to me that no reasonable person with an ounce of empathy and/or sympathy for the plight of his or her fellow citizens could possibly argue with that.




Anonymous said...


David Frum calls on Americans, as well as football players, to consider that taking the knee plays to the Hollow Man's modus op. I'm up for any tact that undermines the Rah-Rah narrative that sustains the H.M.

"Trump, the least popular first-year president in the history of polling, is always scouting for opportunities to depict his opponents…

But now, in more trouble, Trump is adding extra force to his goading. He’s hoping to provoke a dynamic in which many of the country’s most famous and most visible African Americans appear en masse to disrespect the anthem and the flag. In so doing, they will fortify Trump’s own claim that these symbols properly belong to him and to his supporters.

Nobody will dispute that all Americans, including football players of course, have a right to do whatever they please during the anthem: kneel, sit, or stare dazedly into space—the latter being Trump’s own preferred stance during the ritual. But people exercising their rights in spectacularly televised ways would be wise to consider their actions carefully. What are they communicating? What are they accomplishing?…

Colin Kaepernick has better right to that flag and anthem than Donald Trump. Why concede that right? Assert it
Don’t take the knee. Stand for the flag; hand on heart for the anthem—and then put your signature to the demand that this least American of administrations be investigated down to its bottomest murk and filth."

e.a.f. said...

Mr. Baldwin makes an excellent point. He is just so much more human and literate than Trump.

RossK said...

Ahhhh, Frummy.

Always the great equivocator who dives into the fray when things look darkest for Republicans with his modulated voice of 'reasonableness' guns-a-blazin'.


In this instance think about what his words are actually saying about what will happen to people like Mr. Kaepernick who get just a little too, uh...


(when they the exercise 'their rights in spectacularly televised ways', of course)

It's also worth considering what people like Mr. Frum and his ilk (and the finest of fine folks he ghostwrites stuff for) stand to gain, in terms of future electoral success/power grabitude, if they manage to successfully sever the connection between Mr. Trump's administration and the Republican establishment completely.


Scotty on Denman said...

I must be getting Trump-grumpy, hope it's not permanent; everything this lout touches turns to shit. It was/is he who besmirched(s) the national anthem.

I mean, this grumpiness makes me look like him! Somebody should fire whoever it was wanted to mess with our Canadian anthem: "...All thy sun's [day's] command..." What was the problem? Grumble!

Taking in our grandson's hockey game one evening in Comox (he's an excellent goalie), some goof leans over my shoulder, orders me to stand and remove my ballcap for the anthem (looked like somebody used to giving orders on the nearby Forces Base). But I wasn't ascared: I had my cane with me, with a big old knot at the handle end, kind we used to go bar hopping with in Lucan Ontario (the "Black" Donnely's started it! Some very fine people!) Anyways, I tells this boorish patriot from the comfort of my ass-warmer, "No portrait of the Queen, no stand up, no sing anthem, no remove cap." I was about to add my usual suffix but got a stern look from my better half. But, sure enough, there was no portrait of the Queen anywhere in sight. It was an outrage! Grumble, Grumble!

And I'm the guy who made the ferries put the Queen's portrait back on every ferry in the fleet. They (BCFS Inc ) tried to tell me they didn't have to because they "weren't part of government anymore..." Ooooo, got suffixed but good! Grumble...

Justice and Love---yeah, that's the cure for sure! (Giggle...)