Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A Stunning Admission From The New York Times' Public Editor.


Margaret Sullivan is the Grey Lady's current PE.

Here is what she had to say on her NYT 'blog' in response to readers' raising the issue of the Times' 'coverage' of longtime progressive and current US Senator Bernie Sanders' run to become the Democratic party's presidential nominee in 2016:

..."Here’s my take: The Times has not ignored Mr. Sanders’s campaign by any means, but it also hasn’t always taken it very seriously. The tone of some stories does seem regrettably dismissive, even mocking at times. Some of it is focused on the candidate’s age, appearance and style rather than what he has to say..."

Stunning admission or what?


Meanwhile, as you might expect, the Times' low priest of high-Broderism, David Brooks, pretty much simultaneously sees Mr. Sanders and the Donald as being two sides of the same (completely fictional) coin on the NYT's OpEd page.

Former News Blog denizen, Driftglass, does the fisking:

...David Brooks really hates hippies.

And no one represents the spirit of what David Brooks hates most in this world -- a spirit now gone gray but still radical, thoughtful but still clarion-clear, politically pragmatic but still mission-driven -- than Bernie Sanders.

Ergo Mr. Brooks must destroy Bernie Sanders.


And being David Brooks, he has one and only one, tried-and-true method of destroying that which is terrifyingly true and beautiful and unabashedly Liberal: by cooking up some lie flexible enough to yoke something decent and Liberal to whatever misshapen monstrosity has slouched out of the Conservative ghoul factory this week and then heaving them both from the fantail of the good ship Centrism into the great, dark sea of Political Unseriousness, where they slip beneath the waves and never trouble the beautiful minds of the Villagers, who are all up on the lido deck getting drunk with Chuck Todd and Mark Halperin.

Which is, or course, exactly what Mr. Brooks did, following the accepted recipe of the Villager Both Siderist Playbook...

Don't know about you, but when I read stuff like that I can feel the fire of the greatest of Left Blogistan's greatest of all time Steve Gilliard.

(and smell the Beer Can Chicken)

In case you missed it, Driftglass does a weekly podcast with his wife Bluegal...The recently hit their three millionth download...It's hard-headed lefty politics, proMedia criticism, and more....Try it.
Tip 'O The Toque to Jay Rosen for calling attention to the money quote from Ms. Sullivan on the Twittmachine.



markerbuoy said...

Love your blog, Ross K, but could we please lighten up on the cryptology?
I was/am OK with "the horsemen", "the birdman", etc., but you lost me on this one, no matter how I try.
Granted, It's evening...but could we be a little more forthright?
...don't have time to digest the entirety of Driftglass & Bluegal no matter how important/significant/relevant they may be.
Appreciate your analysis/commentary no matter what.

RossK said...


It's a history thing 'round here...Steve Gilliard's fighting liberal 'News Blog', and all those who hung out there, figured prominently in my writing back in the dinosaur days (i.e. before Wordpress and the Twittmachine).

But I get your drift.

(and sometimes I forget there are more than the two or three people inside my head reading this thing)


markerbuoy said...

Hey, you're excused...
Love your blog :-)

RossK said...


(and I don't mind the constructive criticism one bit)