Thursday, September 10, 2015

#Elxn42....The Weirdness Of The Rolling Polls.


Looks like there is some sustained movement towards Mr. Trudeau, particularly in riding rich Ontario.

And this is reflected in the overall numbers.

But the regional rolling polls show just how weird things are.

First off, Nanos has the Cons bouncing around wildly nationally.

And, in BC, things look flat out crazy:

Granted, there is a big MoE here.

Still, all that coming together of the orange, red and blue yesterday tells me that, now, more than ever, we progressives who are willing to swing our votes to stop the Cons (which is a significant number according to Nanos' second choice poll) have to do our best to make sure that, Trudeau + Harper does not equal a majority.


I know that "Justin would never do it" is what many of you are likely muttering to yourselves.

Especially you folks who are starting to get an inkling that it just might be safe to vote Green in any riding outside of Saanich.


There is that classic Liberal 'Run left, govern right' thing to keep in mind.



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karen said...

I finally have an NDP candidate in my riding. Up until yesterday, with only our useless Conservative incumbent, a Liberal and a Libertarian, it looked like I was going to have to spoil my ballot. Because my little slice of Atmon is attached to a much bigger piece of the north, we will probably get the incumbent back- he lives in the oil country that makes up the bigger part of the riding.
I am waiting to hear if there will be a Green candidate.

Because our NDP candidate was only just declared, I haven't researched her yet, so I don't know if I would necessarily be voting FOR her or not. I'll be keeping an eye on 308, but God I would dearly like to be able to vote FOR something instead of against something else.

Also, is it bad that I am ignoring the actual campaigns? There are only two places I would actually park my vote, and nothing would induce me to vote for the others and I have more interesting things to do than watch a bunch of lips moving.