Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sparkle Ponies On Parade...The Dean Takes Us To The Fainting Couch.


After initially hiding behind a 'prepared statement', the Deputy Premier of British Columbia subsequently agreed to a phone interview with the VSun's Vaughn Palmer about that safety audit of his chief Sparkle Pony purveyor, Petronas of Malasyia.

And it would appear that the Dean of the Legislative Press Gallery was not happy with what he heard.

Because, after first making it clear that Dep-Preem Coleman told him that we shouldn't worry our pretty little heads about the audit despite the fact that he (i.e. Coleman) didn't actually know what is in the audit, Mr. Palmer ran through a polite but roaring stream of damned-up consciousness before finishing with the following:

...In short, neither safety concerns nor a dubious environmental record nor that mysterious $700 million will shake Rich Coleman’s confidence in Petronas and the likelihood that it will go ahead and build here in B.C.

“I’m bullish,” he told me. Bullish. Change the spelling of that word slightly, and you’ve got another way of looking at it.

Which is good, strong stuff.

Some might even call it vintage Palmer.

Now one can only wonder if the bile has risen high enough in the Dean's throat to make this the start of something more than a one-off.

We shall see.

And why didn't the actual, you know, Premier speak to this matter?...No one but the Wizards and the Third Man know for sure (take that Markerbuoy!), but I reckon it would not be unreasonable to speculate that the good Ms. Clark is probably working on her super-secret plan to defeat that dastardly threat to her Iron Snowbirdness, Miley Cyrus....Or some such thing.
Reader EG asked, in all seriousness, why the Premier would even bother to take a run at the former Hannah Montana...Our best guess?....Well, wasn't there just a wee bit of a problem with another junked-up hunk-o-software from one of those finest-of-the-fine super most-favoured multinats that day?....Which was bad enough on the face of it...But just imagine if people had started dredging up those old Lindsay Kines stories about the homegrown system that the Clarklandians trashed a while back...So, when in doubt...Deflector Spike Spin Uber-Alles!



Grant G said...

Reading the Van Sun two-part special, and reading Vaughn...Petronas has historically set up shop in less than reputable places..Chad..Borneo(Don`t they still make soup out of blonde hair blue eyed visitors there)...Places where governments are literally bought, places where Petronas can call the shots, places where Petronas can monitor and regulate themselves, free from rigorous scrutiny, or any scrutiny?..

Did Petronas find another government they could buy-off in the BC Liberals?

However, all this noise is probably moot...Chevron..Shell..Exxon..BG...These energy giants have LNG operations already in play and more facilities coming online, ..The industry is in a structural glut now and the glut will get worse going out...Fools rush in.

These energy giants have put the brakes on new ventures, the reason?...No customers, and..Are these energy giants going to build more supply to compete with themselves?

Not likely

Economics...Reality has set in...The big energy giants know the only way to bring prices back up is to reduce supply, that will take 15 years before demand catches up to supply, maybe longer..

Thus the bankers can`t justify more massive expenditures..The need is not there, the return on investment isn`t there..

One more note...The two-part Van Sun special is crystal clear that Petronas`s Prince Rupert proposal is a $11. 4 billion dollar estimated cost($8 billion to be spent overseas)

So, it appears the $36 billion dollar American money, $46 billion dollar Canadian money as Palmer, Michael Smyth, Sean Leslie were blathering about has now gone by the wayside, vanished...

And yet no one has asked Coleman or Chrispy Clark why that number was used at all...

During the special summer legislative session the $36 billion and $46 billion dollar number was mentioned by BC Liberals during the debate at least 500 times, by Clark, Coleman, by every BC Liberal MLA and cabinet minister..It was echoed by the media..

The simplest of research, or the reading of The Straight Goods, with the slightest little bit of effort that $36 billion dollar figure was debunked...

Also Mr. K...

I believe this "leaked audit" story, and the real investment figure now being used is the slow run-up to Petronas deferring their project to a later unknown date..

It`s possible that this criticism is merely a deflection, ..For if Petronas was saying adios British Columbia the economics are crappy for a decade, Christy Crunch and company would look much better in the eyes of the public if they twisted the story to....

"in light of Petronas`s safety issues and sketchy background the BC Government has pulled their deal"

Sorry Ross K...I don`t trust the media....What happened to the $36 billion $46 billion dollars Canadian dollar figure they were using...A 70% to 80% climbdown without an explanation..


North Van's Grumps said...

And based on the rate at which Christy Clark is putting us into debt just so it can be paid off in thirty years.... what if .... it will take 990 years, just in time to claw back our BC Rail company...

Anonymous said...

Bovine scatology?

RossK said...


From the Dean no less!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A month* before Fassbender's new/shiney school info system is set to go live Pete is cynically moved out of the Minister of Education portfolio?

Not much hope for BC students and their parents.

*July 30, 2015 Peter Fassbender was appointed Minister of Community, Sport, Cultural Development and Minister Responsible for Translink.

markrbuoy said...

Dear Ross K,
I never did like homework.
Tomorrow, I have to finish painting the back of my house and in the late afternoon I'm headed to the Metchosin fair (clue).
As for the Third Man, etc...I'm working on it.
Thanks for all you do :-)

RossK said...


Is there any truth to the rumour that folks were 'instructed' NOT to use the homegrown system?



Get that painting done immediately!

We put it off last fall and paid dearly.

Have fun at the fair - say Hi to Horgan.