Sunday, September 06, 2015

Middle East Refugee Crisis: When In Doubt, Ask Yourself The Following...

...What Would Dieter Do?


Emma Graham-Harrison, of The Guardian, explains:

Munich expects to receive about 10,000 people this weekend alone. Cheering crowds greeted the new arrivals and handed out toys and chocolate as they filed off trains and into tents for basic medical checks.

They are then taken by bus to conference centres, school halls and other large spaces that have been pressed into service as temporary housing centres, part of a complex system for managing the influx set up almost overnight.

(Munich mayor) Dieter Reiter said he was surprised at how effectively his city had responded to the crisis.

The mayor said: “Of course there are some limits responding given the space we have in Munich but that is not the question I am asking myself.”

“Every day I am asking myself how can we accommodate these people, these refugees, how can we give them a feeling that they are safe here in Munich, here in Germany. I am not really thinking about how many people can we afford and can we take here in Munich. That is not the question,” he told journalists at a news conference...

Apparently, this is the time when everybody on Sprockets, and in Munich, should dance.
Anybody else noticing how, more and more, The Guardian is becoming the international paper of record.



Anonymous said...

Yes the Guardian is a great paper... they have real reporters/ columnists that are only 'beholding' to their research, their findings and the truth. Guardian stories on Canada have been refreshingly informative - those covering BC display a sharp contrast to the mostly formula drivel spun out by our local embedded media. The Guardian is world class and read worldwide.

The Guardian is the gold standardard, in comparison we in BC read mostly Liberal fish wrap. Thankfully there are now more options than just the local dailies. Thanks for your posts and eclectic side bar too.


Anonymous said...

The news business is a business of news.

The question is: Does 'The Guardian' make money? Is it a real business?

RossK said...


Not sure I get your drift.

Are you suggesting that there is underwriting going on?...Or is it the fact that the Group keeps the 'news' paper division going through the profits the clearly separate advertorial outlets?...Personally, I don't have a problem with this...Heckfire, isn't this the way it used to be with TeeVee (more real) news divisions?