Tuesday, September 08, 2015

#Elxn42...Can The Blitzkrieg Stop The CPC Slide?


The negative ad blitz I mean.

Because Duffy is done...

And the NEB thingy is off the table...

So now the decks are cleared for the post-Labour Day FedCon BigSpend.

And that damnable Green number is up another bloody point too.


Numbers above are EGrenier's national polling averages (Week 6 is the latest) at 308.com.



Anonymous said...


Elizabeth May knows the lay of the land and what is at stake.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or, is it?

Grant G said...

Mr. K....

I listened to Leslie Church talk on CPAC....Who is Leslie Church?


She is with Google Canada, and easy on the eyes...

She informed listeners that 30% of those older than 50 years of age are online only, no cable, just internet, and the numbers rise exponentially as you get younger..

I thought I was a rarity, all my news on politics, world affairs, human interest, everything gathered online, no cablevision, I watch youtube and have Netflix..

The internet is fast becoming even older Canadians first choice for news and information..

My Gawd Ross K...Can you imagine if people only had Keith Baldrey, Tom Fletcher, Sean Leslie and Vaughn Palmer for information on LNG, on scandals, on education, on healthcare, on insider flackhackery, or those quoted/cited who have vested financial interests...

Norm Farrell and his charts alone, when was the last time CTV , Global, CKNW, CTV ever cited Farrell`s charts on resource income????

The point I am making...

Stephen Harper could never win election 2015 if the internet is open, intact, and accessible..

Which brings home the importance of fighting draconian federal legislation..(Think Vic Toews) think privacy, email, think Canadian Charter Rights...

Think about Stephen Harper`s assault on internet freedom and access.

If Harper could have shut down the internet and finished off a soft attacking CBC...

Globe n Mail, and the Sad pathetic National Post...Blatchford, nuff said.

If Harper could have shut down the internet and finished off a soft attacking CBC...

than we Better learn to do the Goosestep and to say "Heil Harper"

Anonymous said...

is there an a unofficial ban on embarassing graphs rt political cartoons.?
BC hydro demand has been flat at 53 GWH for many years and last year ended 12 months march 31 2015 at 51.2 GWH.Not a graph to be seen any where.too strong an impact

North Van's Grumps said...

Has it only been four years since the last Federal Election's RoboCalls? We just got a phone call from some lady calling me by my Christian name. I looked over my shoulder to see if mom was in the room .... while I was sneaking that extra Graham cracker after lunch.

Hi, I'm calling from the Voter Outreach Centre..., as if to imply GOVERNMENT of CANADA, and then she threw in WILL YOU BE SUPPORTING IN STEVEN HARPER's CONSERVATIVE PARTY? no. Click.


3 Sep 2015
Picked up a call from this number. After a very long pause (auto-dialler) somebody with a really heavy accent identified themselves as calling from the "Voter Outreach Centre", which is a front for the Conservative Party of Canada. Incidentally, VOC was implicated in the Robocall scandal in the 2011 election. Suffice to say, this "gentleman" was told where to go in some rather colourful language, as this is now the second call I've received from VOC, each with a different number, so screening is impossible.
Caller: "Voter Outreach Centre" (Conservative Party of Canada)
Call Type: Political Call

e.a.f. said...

just another good reason to have an unlisted tel. no.

although the numbers are falling, this is far from over. We also might want to remember the Cons have "cheated" in every election they "won" to date. who says they won't do it again?

Anonymous said...

Neocons are going to need a new vehicle. Cons are self-immolating. The Liberal Party might be tolerated for a short while but they would rather have their own gang in charge. It appears that the Green Party have tried to make themselves more palatable to big money with their Tar Sands comments. Expect Greens to get lots of media support to give them a bump in the polls and, if they win a bunch of seats, the inevitable take-over of the Green Party soon after the election, as was done to Gordon Wilson's Liberal party in BC. Hell, maybe the current rise in their support is mostly Conservative supporters parking their votes.