Friday, September 11, 2015

My Morning Ride.

Because the Greeniacs were giving me a hard time about riding by it yesterday....

I decided to ride through Mountain View cemetery this morning.

Another ridiculously beautiful day.

Good -1...The little black cat who comes looking for an ear scratch if I stop for a second at 26th and Ash.
Bad - 1...The leaf blower guy who blew crap from the Subway parking lot into my eyes at 16th and Macdonald
Poopy - 1...The dozens of geese on the playing fields at Hillside Park...Will have to keep the Whackadoodle out of there for awhile to prevent the ear grinding



North Van's Grumps said...

holding the camera to your eye WHILE riding ..... does that fit AG Anton's criteria for being a distracted Rider

RossK said...


Wish I was that skilled and that much of a daredevil.

I was standing still, feet flat on ground, straddling the bar.