Monday, September 21, 2015

My Morning Ride.


The acorns are down in Kitsilano!

Which brought back boyhood memories of scooping them up and storing them in bags for battles royale through the neighbourhood I grew up in.

Of course, our Mom was always shouting about how somebody was going to lose an eye.

And we are probably lucky nobody did.

But, man, it sure was fun - essentially hide-and-go seek with the added bonus of small sympathetic nervous system-juicing projectiles.

Fun, that is, until one of the big kids down the street started in with the chestnuts.

The Good - The young kid at the counter where I buy the Monday morning lab treats who said 'Sure, it's right around the corner' when an old guy who was down on his luck came in and politely asked to use the washroom.
The Bad - Sliding on those acorns under tire while turning corners.
The Ugly - Absolutely nothing (say it again!)



North Van's Grumps said...

The Good

GoHere Washroom Access Initiative

Anonymous said...

vote not vibrate?