Saturday, September 05, 2015

#Elxn42...Orange Slippage In Lotusland.


Because of some family stuff, C the two E's and me have been going back and forth to the Island for the last little while.

So much so that last night I was at a ferry terminal for the seventh time in the past week.

Littler e. wins though, with nine visits.

Luckily for us, because a whole lot of the trips have been on foot, we haven't had to re-mortgage our house.

At least not yet.


One of the things you notice most while driving around the southern part of the Island is how much money and effort the Greens are putting into the entire region.

Which is understandable, I guess, given the impact that Ms. May and Mr. Weaver have had in these parts the last few years.

But that new Ekos poll is out.

And, as Grenier points out, while it is the strongest evidence of the regional slip of the Dippers in British Columbia, it is most definitely not an outlier:

All of which means, now more than ever, that if you are a British Columbian and you have even the tiniest progressive bone in your body (and that includes true Red Tories) and you are have even the slightest intention of going Green you better think really, really hard about what you are doing in a particular riding.

And, on that note, we'll get back to the riding-specific stuff real soon.


And, ya, I know Mrs. Griffiths (grade two, Monterey Elementary, in the Year of Bobby Gimby) is likely rolling over in her grave given my grammatical butchery in the first line above...Still...I like it that way...
Our last Lotuslandian Riding Watch is...Here.



scotty on denmanc said...

Drive up to the CCC Valley and see…Green signs. Not a lot, but easily more than any other. Frustrating? You bet. But I think there's some relieving (for us progressives) aspect to all this: it's an enormously long campaign, one of the longest ever. Leaving the Bloc aside (they don't run here), we have to appreciate the intensity of the coming contest: Cons as intense as a rabid coon cornered, progressives as intense as the critical fate of out whole country warrants, and the Greens madly trying to vacuum up as much discontent as was accumulated in pre~ and peri-intense-times before they're drowned out by the sound of splintering lances.

It's notable that there a more Green signs than any other, including Cons and NDP, the usual two main contenders here, and Liberals (who've split the vote-splitting with the Greens.) I'm sure the dearth of signs is due to the length of contest (parties keeping their powder dry), and simmering animosity that's bound to get much more intense as the Cons open up there big guns (parties seem to be expecting sign-vandalism.) Almost the only signs up yet are the big, billboard-type at major thoroughfare intersections.

The Greens have been out early because, by the time the big boys start to rumble, they'll have a hard time being heard above the din---which will include some loud pleas to not split the vote in the Cons' favour---That will give Miss May opportunity to float her well rehearsed and quirky notions of representation without, it should be noted, a pro-rep electoral system in place. Her voice has dropped an octave, and assumed an assuring and all-knowing tone in predicting up to thirty (!) Green seats. This is obviously tailored for the converted, just as Harper's message is. It's hardly surprising Green focus is on South Van Isle, but, whilst on the Island, May speaks (to the converted) of sweeping the entire rock!

What we need is clear refutation of Green dreams, and we need it from the top (that is, from Mulcair.)

Yeah, that's right, Tom: stand up and say it: "Don't split the vote in the Stephen Harper's favour." Take Ms May to task for suggesting the paltry support in almost every riding does not add together as if at large. Nobody at her rallies will expose her to such a reality check. Acknowledge the importance of the Greens while recognizing they are real contenders in some ridings, and merely split the vote in the rest.

But I suspect this sleepy cruise of a campaign's going to get a whole lot rougher once summer holidays are over.

e.a.f. said...

we shall see after the labour day weekend what happens. that is when things will get serious. the Greens may have their signs up early because they can't afford the t.v. ads the other parties have. Voters need to get out and vote, if not for themselves than for the people who need change in our government.

We know the cons don't care about a lot of things the rest of us care about, but if we don't vote nothing will change. if people are really turely concerned about the refugee problem in the mdidle east, get rid of the Cons and vote in a government who will permit refugees to come into Canada. We don't need bombs in the middle east. we need resettlement. Canada and other countries need to stop bombing and get on Qatar's case about contriubting. spending $200 BILLION on the world cup while other die is obscene. Saudi Arabia is no better. Steve knows how to find them to sell them armaments, but it seems not to get them to pay for refugee services. The countries like Jordon have 500 thousand refugees and its tough. Greece, in bankruptcy almost is having to deal with thousands landing there as in other poor countries. if nothing else go out and vote for the kids in this country and the kids who are refugees. they deserve better. your beer can wait and so can your hockey game. those kids can't, not the kids in the north or the kids in the middle east.

RossK said...


Interesting point about what needs to be done.

I can see how the folks would be worried about putting Mr. Mulcair out on point on that for fear of the media spinning it into a backlash.

But what about some real strong surrogates?


I hear you eaf--

More specifically, I hear you calling for the country we used to be.


Anonymous said...

RossK said...


As Rafe points out in his final section, all of the non-Con leaders are pledging to initiate serious electoral reform.