Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday's Alright For (Uke) Cover Fighting!....Tiny Dancer.


Was listening to late-night, butt-headed sportstalk on the longwave recently and suddenly, between the caterwauling about the NY Giant pass rusher guy who blew his fingers off with fireworks and the ridiculousness of the abundance of riches of Ohio State at the pivot position, the two 'hosts' suddenly and incongruently started waxing nostalgic for Cameron Crowe's 'Almost Famous'.

And, specifically, that scene on the tour bus near the end of the show.



Despite the tonguish-in-cheek title of this little series, I don't think I've ever done an Elton John tune.

So, without further ado, here's a pretty good version of the original by the Original mouthing the really original words of Mr. Taupin:

And here's a barebones Cover with just as much feeling (it actually amazes me how covering a tune can transform folks as they're playing/singing the song even in the most straightforward and rudimentary way).

And, just for good measure, here's the scene from the movie....And, why the heckfire wouldn't Dave Grohl do an almost, but not quite, ironic cover on the TeeVee?...Case in point, by the time the gum-popping Grohl gets halfway through the second verse he has the same expression on his face as the kid in the video above...Then, of course, he starts to work the crowd...
As always, Uke Peg-Head at the top of the post courtesy of fantabulous Los Angeles photo-maven Ellen Bloom.
Previous Cover Uke Fighting sessions can be found....Here.


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