Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Morning Ride.


Was pedalling past the cemetery on East 31st this morning when I noticed the light streaming in, the temperature, and the absolute calm....

And then I realized there probably will only be a half dozen more rides as nice as this between now and next May.

Oh boy.

Good - 1 (the nice lady who pulled up a few feet short so that I could get across Cambie at 26th)
Bad - 2 (both going up the hill on 12th west of Alma, both black European SUV's in a hurry for school apparently)
Ugly - 0



Anonymous said...

We're always looking for a 'plug' from you Rossk, so, instead using non-political ratings of Excellent, Good, Bad and Ugly ... how about ... Green, Mulcair, Trudeau, Harper

Anonymous said...

It was your Choice to remark on pedalling past the cemetery rather than anywhere else on East 31st

GREEN rating because its a GREEN SPACE, low cost 'housing', quiet neighbourhood, occasional moving van, small, deliveries only, park like setting, view of the north shore mountains, no fast food outlets eg. McDonald, City pays for all gardening and landscape fees (paid by your taxes) AND did you hear that Gregor Roberton's Vision Party just passed a by-law that forbids anyone living within a city block to be buried in the cemetery...?