Friday, September 18, 2015

My Morning Ride. Friday Sept 18th.



I guess if you can't put surveillance camera stickers on your giant signs you can always put your giant signs right next to actual (kinda/sorta) surveillance cameras.

Or some such thing.


That particular riding (the new Vancouver Granville one) is driving me crazy.

I mean, how is anybody supposed to figure out how to vote strategically if nobody knows who is in either first or second.

I actually saw the LeadNow folks out in force canvassing in the riding yesterday.

So, as you might expect, I stopped to ask one of them if they were going to do another riding-specific poll there.

Unfortunately, the very nice fellow had no idea what I was talking about.

(Strat vote suggestions for Liberals in B.C. comin'....promise)

Good - Gaggle of junior high-aged kids that waited for the old guy to swoop through the same traffic circle he had trouble with the other day so that he struggle up the hill on the other side
Bad - Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Ugly - I know it was done with the best of intentions but that painted in bike lane between the through and right-turning traffic at King Ed and Arbutus (going West) just seems to be making everybody crazy. And this morning when the bus pulled up on my right to go straight I decided to wait for him when the light turned green which, of course even made the speedy guy on the bike behind me angry.



Eleanor Gregory said...

That particular location on the Granville and King Ted intersection has had a conservative sign in every election I can recall since at the latest 1986.

RossK said...

And as the hedge grows, so too does the sign....


scotty on denman said...

My squeeze lives in this new riding. My whole family is all Dipper so, as you can imagine, the ones in this riding are quite concerned about the non-Con split. It would appear Jody's the SV choice, but Mira's on the move too, a very well put out candidate with tons of energy. I expect some substantial field position changes in the next month so I'm hoping the kids will all get to vote their first preference. My squeeze, I suspect, will probably vote her first preference in any case---I don't want to mention how old that habit is---she wouldn't want to give anything away---y'know…

I hold down the home Island fort so I'm lucky my first preference is also the SV choice. Unfortunately the Greens have targeted Van Isle pretty aggressively. Here's hoping some common sense will prevail so's not to repeat the pattern of the last five elections here (federal and provincial) when the Greens did some very consequential vote-splitting, and handed victories to parties completely antithetical to their professed environmentalism. The new riding has apparently taken in a bunch of much needed Dipper-power from west of the Beauforts to cancel out our Con-enclave up to Comox. The other good news is, my dear 83-year old mother phoned me from Murray Rankin's riding to announce she has converted the Green intentions of most of her cronies who, by all accounts, had previously voted Conservative. Not sure what her secret weapon is, but I think it might start with an "S" and rhyme with "Scotch." And for the moment we daren't mention the other "S" word---a few of these old dolls still think of Che and Fidel when they hear that one.

Safe cycling.

PS I'd send along news of the cable-ferry but, aside from an initial flurry of test runs, there's been little activity---near's I've heard, they're working out the "kinks," which I guess is a term of art for this kind of boat.

scotty on denman said...

Hey! Just remembered I have to haul the Tele over to a jam tonight where, coincidentally, a number of ferry workers will be present---find out what's happening with the world's longest cable-ferry.


RossK said...


I really just can't get a handle on that riding...The early Leadnow-commissioned poll from Environics had Orek barely in front...But I think the low Liberal number was off...Now, everybody has the latter on top maybe kinda/sorta, so who knows.

Looking forward to hearing what's up with your ferry!

Here's a question that we, the geezers I play with have been batting around recently....Earplugs or no earplugs?