Thursday, September 10, 2015

This Evening In Clarkland...But What About The Yoga?


According to the Canadian Press noted environmental expert Ms. Christy Clark is not happy with the fact that the entertainer Miley Cyrus agrees with at least some real environmental experts about BC's wolf kill:

British Columbia's premier is suggesting singer Miley Cyrus stick to twerking instead of interfering with the province's environmental policies.

Christy Clark says Cyrus doesn't know anything about the reasons behind B.C.'s wolf cull, which she says is necessary to protect endangered caribou.

Cyrus has urged fans to sign an online petition against the wolf hunt, saying it's a "tax-payer funded kill program."

Environmentalists have criticized the government's plans to hunt 184 wolves in the South Selkirk and South Peace.

The petition was posted online by a group in January.

Clark says that if the province needs any advice on twerking -- or dancing provocatively -- it may contact Cyrus...


Guess our fine Premier doesn't know that Ms. Cyrus is really into yoga.

Because if she did you'd think she might invite the singer up for a Downward Facing Dogathon on the Ice Bomb Bridge.

Or some such thing.



North Van's Grumps said...

184 Wolves being culled needs impact photos

Two to One Let nature take its course

JasonS said...

She should stick to showing way to much cleavage half the time. And governing our province too i guess.

Eleanor Gregory said...

Why did the Premier find it necessary to make any comment at all?

karen said...

What Ms. Cyrus could educate our government in, actually, is kindness. The young woman supports a host of good charities and has set up a foundation to help the homeless. I have seldom seen any kindness in the LINOs.

Anonymous said...

comin in like a wrecking ball