Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#Elxn42: The Rumours Of Strategic Voting's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated...

...Especially In British Columbia.

Above are Nanos' rolling thunder numbers from BC for all of September.


Here's the thing.

Those rising numbers for Mr. Trudeau in Ontario just may hold up and sweep first place away from Mr. Harper nationally.

But don't forget that in this Con-Artisinal game of partially whacking-the-moles to make sure both of Harper's main opponents are equally dazed, but only partially to make sure that neither gets a real leg up, the smacking around of Mr. T. has only barely begun.

Regardless all that, as is evident by the numbers above, there really has not been any long, slow Quebec-like descent for Mr. Mulcair here in B.C.

Which means that we, that chunk of the seventy percent in Lotusland who wants to force change, have to keep our resolve and do our best to take away seats away from the Con rump out here in the Pacific time zone.


Well, because even if the Liberals come in first (and that is not a given at this point with almost three weeks to go), we need to make sure that the deal that is done in the end is NOT done with the CPC.

Especially, if say, the brain trust of a second place Con party were to lop off the head of their current leader in an attempt to pave the way with a Kenneyfied accord with Maggie's son.

Which, if it were to happen, has the potential to be very scary indeed.

After all, we here in British Columbia know exactly what just such a 'neoliberal' accord has meant for us provincially.


Wall-to-wall riding-specific 'Strategic Voting' coverage to follow...



Grant G said...

Trudeau will be prime minister...And yes BC is important..

Get ready for Liberal breakaway polling numbers coming out of Ontario..

Trudeau has gone from 26% nationally to 35%..Harper is stuck at 32%..

I discussed this trend two weeks(15 days ago) ago at the Tyee..

Here was that comment..In this post


Wide Open Eyes-@John Merriman • 15 days ago

Yes, we must be permitted to hear spin from all sides on this site and if we don`t the Tyee comment thread will be a reversed mimic of the National Post.

I`m prepared to listen to or read editorials and opinion pieces from all sides, we are grown up and most commenters here at The Tyee can separate the wheat from the chaff....

Tieleman,.... remember his Translink referendum misinformation articles?..And not only that, he had personal vested interests in a successful yes outcome..

I don`t really care who wins the election as long as it isn`t Harper`s Conservatives, ..My gut tells me Justin Trudeau is moving up in the polls.
Maybe Canadians want to build major infrastructure projects and are content running deficits..

I`m of the belief that Trudeau will squeak out a minority win, with a big assist from riding rich Ontario..

Lastly..Harper was here in BC this week, in his campaign speil he was bashing the NDP of the 90`s...Harper was pulling a BC Liberal smear job, the exact same attacks the BC Liberals used during the last four provincial elections,, Harper even brought up the fast ferries...

Why do incumbent Governments feel the need to go back decades to find smear, are not political parties always evolving??? Do not party/political leaders change course, are not some leaders better than others? or is one branded for life at birth?

Maybe Trudeau will keep his promises, or most of them.

Infrastructure projects procured with honest bidding, the time is right, interest rates have never been this low..

Victoria needs a sewage treatment facility to name one.

How about a highspeed electric bullet train across Canada...

Mulcair...Trudeau...I don`t care which one wins, anyone but Harper..


Ross k....Trudeau, like him or not, he`s ran a great campaign, he has endured 3 years of attack ads...The last debate(munk debate) Trudeau won the day..

Mulcair may sag a bit...Mulcair`s sag will go to Trudeau..

Ahead of the curve..

I`m still voting NDP because I`m in a dipper riding..


Anonymous said...

I'll do what's necessary. For me there is only one issue in this election: vote the Cons out.

Anonymous said...

anything but robocalls