Thursday, September 10, 2015

Interwebz Comments Fell Another Candidate.


Already wrote a post on how this smacking down of candidates for past statements, particularly online, is worrisome, mostly because I'm not sure where the line is and/or where it should be.

And then reader Glen Clark weighed in on how this kind of thing will ultimately prevent good and interesting people from running.


It happened again today as Stephen Hui notes in the GStraight:

Facebook comments touting the benefits of marijuana have torched the federal-election hopes of Joy Davies in South Surrey-White Rock.

Today (September 10), Davies quit as the Liberal candidate in the B.C. riding after party leader Justin Trudeau rejected her two-year-old remarks....


Where is that line, exactly?


Mostly this looks like the candidate's comments, while a wee bit whacky, were not at odds with Mr. Trudeau's position on marijuana legalization.


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