Saturday, September 26, 2015

Can Anything Good Come From...

...A Post-Wilburys Jeff Lynne?

Yuma Wray tells Ben Tufts that he thinks not.


I'm not entirely sure...

Then again, the chord-bending Mr. Wray and the skins-hammerin' Mr. Tufts also appear to have a problem or two with a pre-Abracadabra Steve Miller...

You can listen to Mess'rs Wray and Tufts doing their thing with Miss Shevaughn and friends....Here.
And, like Mr. Lynne, the gang above will soon have new album out...Details, and more, are here...Don't know about you but I, for one, sure do look forward to figuring out which disc contains just the right number of chords AND the most truth (not to mention the least amount of bullsh*t).


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