Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Ad We Would Really Like To See


You've got wonder - is Guy Caballero heading up that bad seed Second Unit that is producing those 'never-to-see-the-light-of-day' attack ads for the Big Red Machine?

Because how else can you explain that 1979 era Marching Song* hitpiece that was accidentally leaked to at least four score and ten newsrooms yesterday.

Of course, we wish to go on the record right here and now by saying that both the Ad and its Theme were utterly despicable.

Soldiers roaming the streets of Canadian cities?

Why, that's just flat-out crazy.

Unless, of course, Mr. Harper has been studying Mel Lastman's little red 905 area code Playbook.

But the ad we really want to see is the one that Mr. Caballero's longtime sidekick-in-the-head Count Floyd has reportedly been working on.

You know, the one where a huge phalynx of Bobby Duvall look-a-likes roam the streets of T.O's Annex neighborhood as zombie Commanders from Dame Maggie's dystopian Masterpiece.

To quote the Count, that would be......'Scaaaaarrrry, Really Scary!'

Which reminds us, where the heckfire is Dr. Tongue when you need him?

*With apologies to the Pointed Sticks


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