Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where's Mahrer?


Apparently, Little Scottie McClellan missed the Mahrer Arar story on the front page of that tiny, obscure paper of little influence, The Washington Post, back in those heady, not to mention halcyon, days when he was busy frolicking about the White House Press (backdoor)Rooms with James Gannon/Guckert:

At today’s press conference Scott McClellan claimed he has never heard reports that the United States sent detainees to Syria, where they were tortured:

QUESTION: There are allegations that we sent people to Syria to be tortured…


QUESTION: Yes. You’ve never heard of any allegations like that?

MCCLELLAN: No, I’ve never heard that one. That’s a new one.

QUESTION: Syria? You haven’t heard that?

MCCLELLAN: That’s a new one.

QUESTION: Well, I can assure you it’s been well publicized. My question is…

MCCLELLAN: By what, bloggers?

You go Scottie.

And while you're on your way, watch out for that scary monster, octagenarian dragon lady that believes in a crazy thing called the Constitution of the United States named Helen Thomas.


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