Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Really Scary Alliance


As the day of reckoning draws nearer and one stares at those seat projections with increasing dread, I couldn't help but ask myself the following.........

Which of the following couplings should be feared most?

CPC and NDP? Likely a non-starter, hopefully on general principles and core beliefs, but also because the cold, hard numbers wouldn't work

CPC and BLOC? Hmmmm.....bizarre in a kind of kinked 'States' rights' sort of way, but reasonably unlikely over the long term given the disparity on social issues and spending priorities.

CPC and Liberals? The numbers work and, when you get right down to it, the majority of both parties neo-something-or-other policies actually mesh reasonably well.

The latter would be a marriage made in H - E - double-toothpicks, but it would allow Mr. Harper to pander to his base while at the same time permitting Mr. Martin to keep wearing his spiffy, if dated, 'Captain Canada' suit*. Of course, the backroom boys will be extremely happy to carve up the spoils for the duration.

In a parallel, demented provincial universe, in Lotuslandia terms it would be like making Gordon Campbell and Bill Bennett co-Premiers, with the wild Kelowna boy playing the part of the reasonable one.

Goddess help us all.

*With 'Steamship Lines' written in invisible ink, of course.


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