Wednesday, January 11, 2006

PinkoCon Follies, Vol II


In our last post we wondered if any of the far rightsiders were getting upset about the blatant self-pinkoficication of the CPC.

Well, while we haven't yet found them screaming for Mr. Harper to wipe the calamine lotion from around his eyes, it does appear that the folks over at the home of the Buckshot Bloviators are at least a little bit concerned for one who walks among them that might actually believe in all of that 'do unto others' type stuff:

Socially conservative voters in the B.C. riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam are facing an interesting dilemma in the current election. The question: Should they vote for the Conservative party when they can’t stomach the Conservative candidate?

The question arises because incumbent
Conservative MP James Moore, an otherwise stellar parliamentarian, notoriously voted in favour of same-sex marriage in the House, and has also subsequently expressed pro-choice-type views. Both these stances came as unpleasant surprises to Moore’s many so-con supporters, who had earlier been led to believe that Moore was just as so-con as his Reform predecessor in the riding, Sharon Hayes.

Heckfire, Mr. Moore must be one of those, ummmmm, what did they used to be called, pre-PM*?

Oh, yeah - now I remember.

Progressive conservatives.

*Peter MacKay


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