Sunday, January 01, 2006



Remember that 'leaked' Email from John Reynolds and Michael Fortier to the base telling them how positive the national CPC campaign was, is, and always will be.

Well, as we suspected, it looks like the Reform/Alliance folks running the campaign have decided they must hide their real strategy from even from the faithful, particularly those who still see themselves as progressive conservatives, lest they decide to jump ship back into the red lifeboat.

As evidence we offer up the fact that even the Globe and Mail appears to have caught on to the real strategy:

OTTAWA -- The Conservatives plan to air a negative television ad, warning that Paul Martin's Liberals are preparing to unleash a negative campaign, as the Tories aim to forestall attacks against their own leader.

In the 2004 election campaign, the Liberals leaned heavily on attacks that accused Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and his party of harbouring a hidden agenda of right-wing social policies. Now, the Conservatives are aiming to use that politically risky tactic leading up to the Jan. 23 vote.

They have been "preconditioning" reporters by repeatedly warning of Liberal plans to attack the Conservatives, in the hopes that Canadians will perceive attack ads as negative and reject them.



Where have we heard that term before?

Is it possible, Mr. Kander's recent comments to the contrary, that we are all (Pavlov's) dogs now?


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