Monday, January 23, 2006

Live Election Blogging III


Hard Numbers From Elections Canada Are Here

Feel Free To Post Comments.....Emotion Counts Here.....We Are Not Pretending To Be Analytical ....In Any Way...

-Last word goes to Mr. Broadbent, and it was a good one. He says it can work and that people can work together. I hope he's right.

-Here comes Little Stephen....not sure I can stomach it....OK....the girdle on.....but is all the calamine gone?...where is all that diversity in the room of the party with 'the most diversity' in Canada (that from Peter McKay early in the evening before the Elections Canada Time embargo was lifted).
-Was that an American flag I just saw in the front row of ConVille? And why are their barriers....only one I've seen that has it time to go check out the screamers south of the 49th?.....Freepers have already started to chortle....
-So glad to see Ms. Harper standing three paces behind her husband on the stage, guess the kids aren't photogenic enough...calamine is gone, but mascara and lipstickspittle appear to be in place....a few sops to the base off the top...waiting to here the framing....we will govern for all's with this sop to 'Democracy' without fear of force or some such codswallop, this is crazy talk.....and 'sovereign, strong, and free'??????....he's setting us up......the guy is setting us up?.....How does that Harper, Harper, Harper chant sound to you me it's chilling....
-A great comment on the Tyee Election blog....Hearing Harper speak French to a crowd in Calgary is like Trudeau's revenge from the grave.
-Promises, promises, promises.....none of the real comes the Federal Accountability Act....It's Newt's Contract for America all over again.
-Silence when he says the word Francophone.....he will give Quebec both 'Power and Pride'.
-The West is in Now! I just heard Hogtown shudder....
-He's going to kill federalism.
-The military, the military.....oh boy.
-This is soft-boiled demagoguery. I can't watch or listen anymore.....I'm done.


-two short on balance of power for, do I feel bad that I missed the Strat Vote in Esquimalt and Madame Dufarge's riding (Fleetwood Port Kells)
-Kinsells has cottoned on....he says he will not be part of the coming Lib Leadershiip race....huh! And he also couldn't help but slag Layton for his long walk-up to his speech to the faithfull.
-Dipper Bell in Vancouver Isle North has just dropped down...that's the 29 to 28 drop Nationally flashing across TV screens.
-Good discussion happening now over at Tyee Election blog.
-What will Little Stephen do first?...I'm betting it will be Daycare thing....on second thought, I dunno.....can't see the BLOC partners going for that item in a budget, unless there's a maybe Harper will deliver us to Bush on a silver missile launching pad platter.

-Duceppe's on.....will he give any indication that he will go with the Cons?.....he's the only one who has hammered the Libs....did he say criminal?....Here it is.....if Harper really, really wants to deal with the fiscal imbalance he will find the BQ at his side.

-Keith Martin has Esquimalt Juan de Fuca now. That leaves it all but 2 for the Dipper on Vancouver Island, which is maybe the only place in the country where a region that has a considerable chunk of rural voters spurn the Cons.
-Monsieur Dufarge's old riding of Newton goes Lib in a landslide.
-Here come Jack and Olivia.....look at all those folks without suits in the can't rent that , can you?....Hey! was that Rob Cottingham I saw hiding in the corner?.....
-Had to head over to Warren Kinsella's place to see if he is chortling over Martin's announcement to give up the Lib Leadership...not yet....his last post had him thinking that Small Paul was going to try and hold on.

-Dipper Penny Priddy cleans up in Surrey North.
-Small Paul looks pathetic and smaller than usual in his concession speech....his dentist sure will be happy that he doesn't have to keep slapping veneers on those teeth....what will the BC Martinis do now? Will likely be a whole of schlepping off to GordCo now....Bring Basi/Virk on!
-Dam is broken.....they're all coming comes Duceppe....How long will Jack L. make Little Stephen wait?
-Ezra Levant was heading towards apoplexy at the possibility of a Lib/Dip endrun, but is now relieved that Martin has given up the government (and the Party).
-Will anyone really be sorry to see Mr. Martin go? I much fake's like all that thumping music and fake exhortations to cheer at hockey can it mean anything to the players the millionth and first time?
-Fleetwood Port Kells, home of Madame Dufarge, is another one of those that we missed on the Strat Vote post....we never figured it would have been this close.....but if we had been able to lay off the Dipper, Lib Brenda Locke would have cleaned up.

-Dipper Savoie running away with Victoria
-Popular vote nationally is 6 points......No one should ever, ever, ever, believe any poll from the Strategic Counsel ever again
-Olivia Chow is in.....I can't wait to see her go to town. She's the real deal.....there is nothing, nothing fake about her pitch.
-Hey, silver lining.....we still have Stockboy to kick around
-Catherine Bell recaptures Van Island North, but Lund hangs on in Saanich....Green support evaporated....
-Neck and Neck between Keith Martin and Dipper Morrison in Esquimalt - Wow.....Con dead in the water....I called that one wrong in the Strat Vote post.....darn.....luckily nobody I know there would pay attention to anything I say anyway....well, except for my parents....hope Morrison doesn't lose by two.
-Dr Fry is giong to take Van Centre
-Madame Dufarge......errrrr......Grewal is hanging on by the skin of her doppleganger's rug in Fleetwood Port Kells.

-Lib + BLOC now 154, one short of the magic number. Could Small Paul try and beat the house
-For the life of me, I do not understand Southern Ontario's love affair with Belinda Stronach....pathetic really.
-Good point, by Don Newman I Cons in any of Canada's three biggest cities (TO, Mtl and Vancooovair)
-Emerson up in Vancouver Kingsway
-First Van Center finally in....Hedy's up on Svend
-Lib + BLOC now at magic number
-Sheila sad to see you go, going, gone. Not
-Deb Gray screamer woman....wants Little Stephen to get back to the base....some punditmoron just suggested that Hugh Segal will be a moderating influence on Little Stephen.....sheesh. we must be afraid...very good thing, with the thing over, we will no longer have to watch the accelerating phenomenom of Little Stevie's serious case of campaign bloat.
-Good to see Smilin' Sammy Sullivan, the killer of all things progressive in Vancouver, bleating on about how there must be more support for cities.....ya sure SSS.....and hows James Green doing?


-17 Cons.....7 Libs.....11 Dippers in BC
-Cons shut out in Toronto
-Will the Cons Kill the CBC? Will Little Stephen bring David 'Axis of Evil' home and install him as the Hatchetman/President
-Finally, everybody has finished voting in Vancouver Center
-Is Ralph Goodale a hedgehog in disguise?
-Con + Dipper now 154.....
-Joe Easingwood has completely lost it....he thinks the cons are going to have a majority.......can't count....doesn't know that BC is already being projected.....could it be a neurodegenerative thing?

-Nanaimo/PA, one of our Strat Ridings is Dipper so far
-Allan Gregg on hiding his rooster crow....after all that Big Mo and all those way high Outlier Polls....trying to regain his credibility....will never get it back with me.
-Dead heat in Victoria....another of our Strat Ridings.
-Dipper ahead early in Esquimalt! Wow. That's K. Martin's thing....Con is way down.
-Brenda Locke up on Madame Dufarge....whoops Grewal!
-West Van too close to the John Reynolds riding....this doesn't look to be any Con stomp in BC.
-Con + Dipper now 153, two away from the magic number!
- Has smallPaul called Little Stephen yet to pledge his support yet for a really truly evil coupling?


- Ignatieff officially a candidate for the Lib Leadership?
- Jason Kenny still flinging the CRAP, give it a rest will you....and go look like Richard Nixon Mark 37 .
- Con Headquarters....klieg lights everywhere....looks like it was designed maybe by the ghost of a guy named Albert?
-A Mulroney Cabinet Con elected in Quebec....Time to think of a Name for that Beast that doesn't yet have one? (ie. Cons + BLOCkheads)
-Valeri Lib going down to Dipper in Hamilton?????!!!!
-CONs + Dippers now = 152 only 3 away from total control?
- Joy McPhail puts out the 2nd possible Olive branch (after Ed B.) ....

-Big argument on the station of dumbheads about the significance of the BLOC not getting 50% +1. But, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they only just got that last time.
-Jack L by a landslide. Olivia C has a shot. Was talking with a local here in Toronto today and he told me that her riding is a lot like Tim Stevenson's rapidly being changed by the $500 K Condo crowd on the Lakeshore.
I can't stream anything on the Westcoast....driving me nuts. What's happening out there, I wonder. The talking dopes out here are talking about how important BC is, but they are so used to not reporting it that they're not, surprise, reporting it.
-They're starting to show the Little Stephen's Stepford Wives now.

-I have Cons + BLOCkheads = 170. Why is nobody talking about the Beast that, at least as of yet has no name.
-Have been trolling the Creepysphere. Scariest is Morbidly Mauled Mini Mammals where the proprietor is proud to proclaim that she has one of the worst of the worst of the screamers down South, Michelle Malkin, sending traffic her way.

Ed B. puts out the first olive branch. Maybe cooler heads can prevail. But still, when dealing with this bunch there's going to have to be a hammer too.

All three networks call it for Little Stephen. Hugh Segal immediately starts calling him 'Prime Minister
Prince George has a Green in the Lead


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