Monday, January 23, 2006

Live Blogging The Election....


Hard Numbers From Elections Canada Are Here

Feel Free To Post Comments.....Emotion Counts Here.....We Are Not Pretending To Be Analytical ....In Anyway...

Released from Elections Canada purgatory.....
Cons are up overall.....Aaaaargh.
But Dippers are ripping it up, and BC is way, way, way in play.

Deborah Gray, Dave Bidini and Bif Naked all on the same TV panel. You've got to hand it to that Mo Z. He may be a race to the bottom scuzz monger, but he sure knows how to grab your attention.


Johnny Wants His Guns Reynolds has more pancake make-up than is humanly possible. Heckfire, it's thicker than Joy McPhail's. They're on CTV. btw - does Lloyd Robertson have formaldehyde coursing through his veins? Sheesh, I'd rather see Count Floyd.

Why do so many TV pundit dummies wear those skinnly little glasses with the thick outer rims? Did I miss something?
In a reverse censorship move, me stuck here in T.O. can't punch up Puffie the Cluffie or the (notso)Giant'98.


Not giving anything away for the next 20 minutes (respecting Canada Election law) but....Peter McKay says 'we are the most ethnically diverse party' in Canada. My skin crawls.

6:30pm PST
Hugh Segal - Supersonic Harp-O-Con, digs that Quebec strategy
Ed Broadbent - Why does he remind me so much of Gene McCarthy. Sure, I'll stay clean for Ed
John Manley - Why the cheshire cat grin. Can he just not stand it waiting for the fall or small Paul so that he can step into the breech?

6:22pm PST
The talking heads are starting to blather out here in hogtown now.

Kevin Newman is an idiot. Who gives a crap about the stupid Ipsos-Reid 'massive Internet exit poll', especially if it is designed to find out how people feel about those 'Big' (ie. trivial) issues like guns, crime, scandals.

Never mind the country and our way of life. That means nothing.

Rick Mercer, on the other hand, is king.

Oh, ya.

And he's also like a kid at Christmas on crystal.

Crystal Madness that is.

5:50pm PST.
I'm actually not in Lotuslandia at the moment.

Instead, I'm in Toronto.

And it 's a funny thing. Driving in from the Airport along the grey, and greying more by the minute, Gardiner Expressway last night, something struck me.

This is no longer the Center of the Universe.

Because the Center has shifted.

And the hotel I'm in always reminds me of that 'Empire Hotel' that Joni sang about so long ago when that guy had 'a little money riding on the Maple Leafs'. It's just around the corner and across the street from where Maple Leaf Gardens.

And I just came up from the bar, after hanging out for a bit with the science geeks I am here with. Let me tell you, they are scared crapless.

The scientists I mean. They don't want to see Science go down the tubes like it is south of the 49th at the moment.


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