Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Is Stephen Harper A Commie Pinko?


Given that he originates from the deeply conservative Canadian Alliance branch of the Conservative Party, Mr. Harper has made enormous bounds in shifting his statements to the left....


"I would never compromise public health insurance in the country because it is the only system that most Canadian families, including my own family, have ever used, " he (Harper) said during an extraordinary speech to the Fraser Institute last year, during which he denounced the right-wing think-tank's policy of two-tiered medicine...


He (Harper) promised not to let abortion become a legal matter again. He promised a public-transit tax credit, and "action to ensure clean air, land and water." He promised government spending on child care - an idea that was put on the agenda not by the Liberals, but by Mr. Layton's NDP.
Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail, F1, Jan07, 2006
(behind the subscription wailing wall)

Now of course it's all bollocks. For example, the money for childcare is actually designed in large part to help a certain type of patriarchal husband keep his housebound wife barefoot and fancy-free.

But that's not what interests me at the moment.


What really interests me is how the hardboiled right-sided Freepers of the Dominion, Buckshot Bloviators and Miniature Mammal Mortality Makers are taking all this self-induced pinkofication from their fearless leader.

Might even have to go have a look to find out.

Hope I make it back alive.


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