Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stopping The Cons In Lotusland


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Sometimes a vote is just a vote.

And sometimes it's something more.

Using the stats and polls from Greg Morrow's indispensable Democratic Space as a guide, here are our recommendations for how people in close ridings in British Columbia can help to keep us from going back to the days when women were forced to seek out back alley butchers.

And we're not joking about that, not to mention the scores of other 'back to the bad old days' legislative and policy changes that will very likely take place if the party formerly known as CRAP gains a stranglehold on power.

What we're trying to say is that it is time to be pragmatic (or at least know when you can be safe with your dipper vote).

So, with that spirit in mind, here goes:

North Vancouver - The Dipper is not in the race and the Con, Ms. Silver, is so far gone that it wouldn't surprise us if she voted to take away her own right to choose. For lefties, this is one of those must-be pragmatic ones because it's tight between Silver and Liberal Don Bell.
Vote Liberal

Vancouver Centre - You can vote for either Hedy or Svend safely as you wish because the Con has no chance. But understand this, Svend is closing in on the good doctor. He can win.
Vote NDP

West Van/Sunshine Coast - The riding formerly held by the current CPC campaign co-chair, a man Rafe Mair once referred to as the Chairman of the Mouth Breathers and Bottom Feeders, is up for grabs, but the Dipper is not really in the race. Another time to be pragmatic to stop the Con.
Vote Liberal

Vancouver Kingsway - Ian Waddell is a fading second, but you can vote safely for him because the Con is out it. And besides, why would you want to vote for Emerson, even if you were a real liberal.
Vote NDP

Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge/Mission - The Con incumbent is vulnerable and the NDP's Mike Bocking has consistently polled 2nd.
Vote NDP

Nanaimo/Alberni - This is one that swung Con in 2004 in a traditionally strong labour-leftist area. Polls have the NDP down by maybe 5 points with the Liberals out of it. If you're Red but want to stop the Harpies go Orange.
Vote NDP

Esquimalt/Juan de Fuca - The polls say the Dipper has a chance but things are volatile and the Con, who in this riding really is a true believer, is not out of it. Thus, the true Con stopper here is Keith Martin.
Vote Liberal

Victoria - David Anderson is gone, but so is the Con. Way, way gone. Thus you can safely vote for dipper Denise Savoie who is in a tight race with the new Lib.
Vote NDP

Vancouver Island North - All Liberals, please bail. You cannot win but Dipper Catherine Bell can.
Vote NDP

Skeena/Bulkley Valley - The Con is within striking distance of incumbent Dipper Nathan Cullen. Do not, I repeat, do not vote Liberal.
Vote NDP.

Remember, now is the time to stop these people. If you think that it won't be so bad because Mr. Harper will not have a real mandate, think again. By way of example, just remember that another 'evolved' neocon who made much of his non-existent kindler, gentler, compassionate side did everything possible to consolidate power after he squeaked in with no mandate on the strength of negative votes in the Sunshine State in the year 2000.


If I've missed anything, or if you disagree with something, feel free to post it up in the comments.
Update, Late Sunday Night: All bets are off. Get a load of this (and don't forget to ignore all SC polls). Can you say 'well within the MoE'?


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