Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Beneath The Valley Of The HarperCons



I was actually on the Don Mills Parkway today which doesn't really count even though it kind of runs through a Valley

And like Vancouver and Montreal, Toronto pretty much shut the Cons out completely so I guess we'll just have to leave the analysis of the effect that Jacqueline Suzanne's ghost had on CPC campaign strategy for another day..

And besides, given all this urban/rural split stuff perhaps they should be renamed the HicksvilleCons or some such thing.

Anyway, because I was on the road most of the day I couldn't avoid the bloody TV....and the lack of substance was really irritating, not to mention the fact that it served up a steady diet of images showing the leader's wife being forced to stand obediently thee paces behind her well made-up, although now calamine free, husband.

Interestingly, the front page story in the NYT, below the fold of course, was pretty good and really well balanced in a good way getting most of the important stuff, and even nuances, in there. It's funny but they still seem to be able to do that with international stories whereas they are are so afraid of getting whacked up the side of the 'no more access' head at home that everything domestic sucks.

And now it's almost the end of the day after the day and the sky still hasn't fallen so maybe we can, as Ed Broadbent suggested last night, make this thing work.

Postscript: I learned something pretty interesting from somebody who worked Olivia Chow's campaign while talking to them today. He said she had, get this, 1000 volunteers working on her campaign. That is unbelievable.
Update: OK, maybe I was wrong because, as Cathie tells us, it looks like maybe we've already been bashed on the head by the first chunk of falling stratosphere.


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