Thursday, January 12, 2006

Little Stephen's Ideological Fashion Sense


While the calamine lotion-assisted pinkofication of Mr. Harper and the CPC continues unabated, it appears that the braintrust is not interested in mixing the couleur Rose with Vert.

How do we know this?

Well, as Sean Holman informs us:

"Of course, advocating offshore development is consistent with past Tory policy. During the 2004 election, The Vancouver Sun's Kim Pemberton noted the party's "environment critic Bob Mills said as long as the environmental and safety concerns were met, the Conservatives would allow offshore drilling to commence if elected."

Remember, this election is about a whole lot more than soldiers running wild on Yonge St or whether it's David Emerson or Bob Mills that gets to give Our Gord the go ahead to start drilling in Haida Gwaii.

Vote Left.

Vote Often*

* Also known as: call all your friends and do your best to influence your uncles (and aunties, and cousins, and offspring, and classmates, and co-workers, and favorite pizza delivery girls).


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