Saturday, January 14, 2006

To Strat Or Not To Strat?


Rafe Mair who, in many ways, has come a long way since he served in the cabinet of Lotusland's local wild boy and progressive slayer, Bill Bennett, has a post up on the Tyee Election Blog giving his reasons why now is the time to vote Green.

Of course they’re not going to elect anyone - we all know that. But we also know that if they get more than 2% of the vote they get $1.75 per vote cast. This enables the party to get its message before the public such that pressure may be brought to bear on the other parties to at least think “green” once in awhile.

Thus my vote for the Greens does indeed count and I am making a small contribution towards environmental awareness.

Now, first let me say that on most matters environmental I very much agree with Mr. Mair.

But on this specific point I cannot agree with him. And it has nothing to do with the pseudo-rightsided leanings of national party leader Jim Harris.


Instead, it has everything to do with Rafe's first phrase.

Of course, they’re not going to elect anyone........

Now, ordinarily, I'm a sucker for the way, way, waygone Underdog Victorious.

Even when he cannot possibly be.

Victorious, I mean.

But given the most likely outcome of this election I believe there is just too much at stake to take a flier, and ignore the strategic vote on principle.

So this is what I wrote in response to Mr. Mair's post:

This time around, I have to agree with (top of the thread commenter) Mr. Smith (who suggested a better course of action would be to vote strategically and give the Greens 10 bucks)*.

Especially with respect to many of the maritime issues that Mr. Mair is so passionate about.


Because, in my view, if this thing does turn out to be a calamine lotion-assisted** majority for Mr Harper, or even a minority in which the NDP is shut out due to an unholy, some might even suggest CRAPtacular, Alliance with the BLOCkheads, it is not difficult to imagine a massive deregulation effort that will result in unlimited fishfarming, an oil rig in every inlet, and supertanker gridlock stretching from Haida Gwaii to Galiano.

*although you could make it $100 instead of $10 to ensure that you help make it possible for the Greens win over your friends and influence your uncles.
**which has resulted in the emergence of the ‘PinkoCon.



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