Friday, September 19, 2008

Are The Media Dropping The Ball To Follow The Shiny Ritz?


Update Friday morning Sept 19/08.....Mr Akin

I dunno for sure, but a post from David Akin detailing how the working press pushed Stephen Harper hard regarding the identity of the person, or persons, who leaked the information about the bad listeria death jokes uttered by his Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, suggests that it just might be the case.

As a result, I left the following query on Mr. Akin's comment thread in the hopes that he can clarify the situation.......

Thanks for this Mr. Akin,

But as a follow-up, might I ask if you, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Weston or any other member of the media present at the press conference asked Mr. Harper, specifically, who was involved in crafting changes to CFIA policy that led to the removal of government inspectors from meat processing plants after Nov 2007?

Please accept my apologies if you have dealt with this subject elsewhere, but I felt I had to ask because, in my opinion, it is the identity of the person or persons who made that public health policy decision regarding self-regulation, not the identity of the person or persons who squealed on a Minister who clearly has issues with self-control, that Canadians really need to know about such that they can make truly informed choices when they vote on Oct 14th.

Thanks again.

I await Mr. Akin's response.

I am not in any way attempting to impugn the work of Mr. Akin here. I just really want to know. And besides, to his great credit, Mr. Akin has been nothing less than fair and reasonable when he has dealt with this lowly amateur blogger in the past.


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