Monday, September 08, 2008

What About THEIR Songs?


In the comments to a post yesterday about what is arguably the song that best captured the zeitgeist in Australia after their conscripts (yes conscripts!) returned home from fighting in Vietnam, GWest mentioned that the song below gave voice to the feelings of hope, despair and connection too for Berliners on both sides of the wall a number of years BEFORE it actually fell.

And even in the original German that last verse is almost unbearably beautiful for these pretty much entirely English language-only ears:

Any others?

Songs, I mean.

English version here, solid Wiki summary here.
And for some reason, this excercise has me wondering what folks think about all the changes at CBC Radio 2. Have to admit that I'm enjoying Buck 65 in the afternoon but, still, I have to agree with many longtime listeners/devotees that it's all too much, too fast.


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