Monday, September 29, 2008

StealthCon LVIII - Hot Air Balloon Edition....


Well whaddya know..... This time it's another Harpertronic Cabinet Minister, Little Johnny Baird!

Instead of debating local Ottawa issues at City Hall on Monday night, high-profile federal politicians are arguing over whether they'll accept city council's invitation at all.....

{snippety doo-dah}

On Wednesday the city got word that Mr. Baird would not be attending. Spokesman Chris Day said Mr. Baird has other commitments Monday night. Mr. Day said Mr. Baird has done five debates so far in the election and countless media interviews and will have participated in 13 candidates' meetings by the end of the election.....

Oh, diddums.....

What's the real problem John?

No needles left to throw down on this one?

Meanwhile the Bloggodome is on fire with StealthCon Coordinate Reports, including the latest from Cathie, Dave, Chunklets and Mound of Sound, not to mention tons of great stuff from commenters in the threads to all of those posts.

StealthCon Concept Of Contemptuousness explained here.


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