Saturday, September 27, 2008

StealthCon XIX* - Our First Cabinet Minister...


And it is.........

You guessed it!

Saanich-Gulf Islands very own, Mr. Gary Lunn:

PENTICTON, B.C. -- Federal Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn has abruptly cancelled a scheduled morning speech at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in Penticton, B.C.

Lunn was set to address British Columbia's civic politicians on behalf of the federal government, but his speech was cancelled at the last minute.

UBCM officials would only say Lunn was not able to attend the speech and no replacement was available to speak on behalf of Ottawa......

Of course, as we have discussed previously, Mr. Lunn is in tough in this riding where he won last time out only because of a true Lib/Dipper/Greeniac split to the left of him......Well, this time the Dipper is, essentially, gone.....and the Lib Briony Penn is actually a Greeniac with a high Q score to boot......

So, what, exactly are the keepers of the StealthCons afraid of?

Could it, perhaps, be, oh I dunno......


*A StealthCon is a Harpertronic conservative candidate who ducks the media and especially the public. Their most egregious acts of stealthitude occur when they subvert democracy completely by refusing to show up at all candidates meetings where the voters, instead of watching ads on the TeeVee actually head out the door in an effort to find out, via their own eyes and ears, what they will (or will not) be voting for. We first became actutely aware of the StealthCons that walk among us during the invisible Mar 2008 by-election candidacy of Deborah Meredith in Vancouver Quadra. And here's the thing......Ms Meredith almost won. Thus, despite the jocular, snarkoleptic tone of these posts, this is no laughing matter.

And don't forget, we're taking names and mapping their coordinates ('cause that's what Gazetteers really do).... so send us the details regarding the whyfores and whereofs of any and all StealthCons in your area now (and we are always available to take your calls offline at.....pacificgazette at yahoo dot ca).

Thanks to James Curran for the heads up on the disappearance of StealthCon XIX.


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