Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time + Space =



Here's something interesting, hot off the pixel press of Vancouver's most popular (20K hits in the first month? the Dog Days of Summer?!), not to mention best, civic politics website:

".....for those who have called to ask, it doesn’t mean everyone should stay home on Monday night (the public-delegation night on the capital plan) and count on councillors to do the right thing. Best to show up and thank them profusely in advance, making it awkward to back out and convincing councillors that they are really doing what the community wants....."


Those are the words of former Vancouver Sun reporter, turned kinghell freelancer/turned-loose blogger, Frances Bula, telling folks who are fighting to get the redevelopment of the Trout Lake Community Centre back into the city of Vancouver's capital plan not to give up now on this the eve of what smells like, as Robert Duvall once put it,


On a related note, today is the day when COPE decides to either grab hold of the lifeline from Vision or go down for good. Here's hoping it's the latter so that they can help push from the left on the inside of that gigantic 16,000 member strong centrist tent. Otherwise the poles and stuff really get in the way. OK?


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