Monday, September 29, 2008

Ask Not What The CBC Can Do For Our Heather....


Well, well, well.....

It looks like the CBC has decided to censure Heather Mallick for speaking truth to stupid.

Alison has all the details.

All of which begs the question.....

What should we do?

Well, we could write to the CBC Ombudsman ourselves as folks at the Galloping National Symbol have been suggesting.

And I think that is a good first start (my letter will be posted later).

But I also suggest we say, "To hell with all that!", I mean.


Because, the other part of the 'decision' of the Mush Heads is to Fauxify the site with fairness and he said/she said, wait for it.......'Balance'.....

Thus, in Ms. Mallick's case at least, I suggest we cut the gutless Mush Heads who are now running the Ceeb out altogether.

And how are we going to do that?

Well, we in the Progressive Bloggodome could give Ms. Mallick her own exclusive distribution deal.

With Us.

All of Us.

Of course, I'm not sure that we could pay her much.

But, based on my own very limited, but very cordial, correspondence with her in the past, Ms. Mallick never made much on that pg 2 Globe and Mail/Focus section 'As If' deal anyway*.

But I'll tell you one thing....we sure as heckfire could deliver her a readership if we all agreed to publish her column, at the same time, every Saturday morning.


(and if you are interested in helping work on the 'offer' to Ms. Mallick feel free to leave a message in the coments)

And in case you are wondering and/or have forgotten, given her relatiely low profile since she was forced out by the G&M, here are a couple of reasons why I believe that thinking Canadians need to read Ms. Mallick at least once every week.

*In fact, interestingly, Ms. Mallick once let on that she actually made more writing that throwaway fashion thing in the Lifestyle section underneath Leah McLaren than she did got for 'As If' which, I think, tells you something pretty important about the true priorities of Fast Eddie G. and the Boys at the Globe & (nolongerEmpire) Mail.


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