Monday, September 22, 2008

Did Mr Ritz Get To Keep His Job BECAUSE Of The Jokes?


Why do I ask?

Because, even in China, Ministers that put public health policies in place that make lots of people sick, and even kill some of them, are forced to resign:

The head of China's quality watchdog has resigned amid a growing scandal over melamine-contaminated milk, the official Xinhua news agency reports.

Li Changjiang stepped down "with the approval of the State Council", China's cabinet, Xinhua said.

Earlier Prime Minister Wen Jiabao apologised for the contamination, which has made nearly 53,000 children ill.

So there you have it.

Worse than China.

That is Stephen Harper's Canada.

And none of the Harper/Ritz bad public health policy decisions that took meat inspectors out of meat processing plants are a secret....There are treasury board documents....There is a scathing editorial from the Canadian Medical Association Journal.....And still people like Christy Blatchford and Michael Smyth run with the deflector spin and say it is all about silly political correctness and black humour; ....Now, if this did come out of the Liberal War Room they deserve it because it would mean that they took the easy shot, straight down the trivial road. and now they've missed the turn-off that is taking straight down the Highway to Hell...... Sure would like to hear what Mr. Kinsella has to say about that the next time he sits and pontificates, all erudite and establishment-entrenched, on either that TVO show that was used to snare Lizzie May (and on which Kady O'Malley tore him and his, see: Taylor, Stephen, to shreds) or Enright's insipid Sunday morning radio thing where, even there they refuse to get to the heart of the matter. (I'll link back to all this stuff later.....but right now I've got work to do that hopefully won't kill anybody or ruin my country....which it won't because it actually is trivial in the big picture of the health and well being of 30 million people instead of vital.....sheesh!).


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