Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mr. Campbell's Mamma Mia Culpa



British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell, fresh from being thrown under the bus by one of Little Stephen's Miracles, is taking full responsibility for the public's hate-on regarding the massive pay hikes for his lackeys:

Speaking to CTV's Jim Beatty in Vancouver Wednesday, Campbell took full responsibility for the public relations blunder.

"I can tell you this Jim, I did not do a good job with you or with the public. I certainly understand the challenge that this presents to people. They look at that and they say, boy that's an awful lot of money."

So (the second).

Is he going to rescind the egregious pay hikes?

Not on your life:

However, Campbell said there is no way that the pay increases will be withdrawn.

"We're not backing away from a policy of being number three in Canada and we're not backing away from a policy of valuing our public servants," he said.

So (the third).

That's it is it?

Mr. Campbell is telling folks that he's got to screw them over with their own money so that he can shout the following from the TeeVee stations' rooftops:

"We're Number Three!"

Well, at least that gets him on the podium.

Unfortunately we, the people of British Columbia, no longer own it.

In non-related related news, the master content consultant, who used to be the boss of the most well-paid current lackey/ear whisperer back when he himself was then head lackey/ear whisperer (ie. before the currently best paid ear whisperer wrote a letter that exonerated him)has landed on his feet with, gasp!, a lobbying firm. There is just not enough sheesh in all of Lotusland to go around on that one.
And.....if you roll the video below, by all means please feel free to, as Mr. Willcocks says, 'pay attention' to the first two lines of the tune. OK?


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