Friday, September 26, 2008

It's The Stealth-Cons, Stupid!


We first became obsessed with the concept of the Stealth-Con, a Harper Conservervative (ie. not-a-Tory) candidate who will say and do absolutely nothing during an election campaign unless it comes directly from the Politburo, during the Vancouver-Quadra by-election back in March of this year.

Specifically, we are talking about StealthCon-VI, Ms. Deborah Meredith.

Who, wonder of wonders, almost won that by-election.

Which probably explains why the Stealth-Cons appear to be out in force this time around.

Anyway, our good friend and frequent comment, Lenny, has found another one, and this time it's hiding amongst the last of the old growth trees in the wilds of Northern Vancouver Island:

Vancouver Island North Conservative candidate John Duncan is under fire from other candidates for pulling out of Saturday's CRTV all-candidates meeting.

They say Duncan's either hiding from voters and issues, or being muzzled by his party.

Duncan's campaign manager Dick Clancy confirmed Monday that Duncan will not be attending Saturday's taping of the CRTV all-candidates meeting. He said the format - allowing candidates to interrupt each other - is not to Duncan's liking because it could lead to "the same kind of behaviour that politicians are criticized for exercising in the House of Commons, where they interrupt each other and talk over each other......

Sure thing.

After all, we wouldn't want the StealthCon to get involved in any of that messy debatin'/democracy kind of stuff goin' on with real people who might have and/or change their real opinions based on what they see and here (as opposed to what they're spoonfed by a WarRoom spinning at Warp 9Billion)...


So, here, my friends, is your mission if you wish to accept it......

Spot the Stealth-Cons that walk (and/or hide) amongst you.

And then, by all means send us their co-ordinates.

Because that's what Gazetteers really do.

They make maps.


You can always send us the raw materials for our cartographic extravaganza off-line (pacificgazette at yahoo dot ca) if you so desire.


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