Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Favouritism?..... In The Creme Belt?....


...Perish The Thought!

Except, well for this.........

The B.C. government, not the Vancouver board of education, selected a school in Premier Gordon Campbell's (Point Grey) riding for special treatment under a $30-million project unveiled this month, the board chairman admitted Sunday.

But Clarence Hansen said he supports the government's choice, even though some parents are angry over what appears to be political favouritism.

Cheeze Willikers!

Perhaps Mr. Campbell could use a tiny sliver of that 'special fund' to buy those poor, unfavoured and underprivileged kids in Point Grey a round or two of golf as well.

After all, that is the goal of fellow Point Grey resident, Campbell fundraiser, and private golf course activist Mr. Marty Zlotnik, at least according to the latter's Vancouver Parks Board bio:

".....Marty has been a volunteer coach, fundraiser and organizer, all skills he hopes to apply in the interest of benefiting sport and recreation for the underprivileged."

And the $30 million for that 'special project' of Mr. Campbell's.....Will our elected representatives be discussing and/or debating its merits (or not) in an open public forum that sometimes takes place in that funky old building over in Victoria some like to call the 'Ledge'? No? Why not?
Meanwhile, Mr. Campbell's Education Minister Shirley Bond, as reported by CBC Radio One on their 5:30pm, Sept 15, 2008 newscast, is saying that the VSB was involved in the decision-making process. For more on this, check out a full, if somewhat weasel word-laden, interview with Ms. Bond on the matter by VSun reporter Janet Steffenhagen that was posted up on the latter's CorpBlog a few days ago.


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