Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Heart Of Harper's Darkness


Regarding all this "Ritz and Clement were only joking" stuff about the illnesses and deaths that occurred due to listeria outbreak.....

Well, Dave, he of The Galloping National Symbol, gets right to the heart of the matter:

The "joking" however, is a trait of this bunch. These are right-wing authoritarian scumbags. To them the misfortune of others is always funny. We shouldn't really be surprised.

Strong language, and even stronger sentiments.

But, based on the evidence at hand, it is hard to argue against.

Especially if you consider what Adam Wherry had to say over at the Macleans Blog:

Would Gerry Ritz still be the Agriculture Minister if he’d been caught joking about 17 Canadians dying in a bus crash? What about if it was the deaths of 17 Canadian soldiers? Or if the deaths had simply been more centralized around a single place (a la Walkerton)? If the answer is no to any of those scenarios, what makes this situation different?

Later… What’s remarkable about this is not that it’s a controversy, but that it’s so minor, or misdirected, a controversy. And how difficult that is to reconcile with the facts.

Let’s review. Seventeen Canadians have died. A leading medical journal has cited government negligence. And the government minister leading the response has been caught joking about the situation.........

I would only add to Mr. Wherry's comments that the "leading medical journal" cited negligence that was based not of 'errors' or 'accidents' or 'slip-ups' by an apparatchik, but instead because of specific, POLICY CHANGES instituted by the Harper government.

And despite all that, the only thing our increasingly Wurlitzered-Up Media works on with anything even approaching dogged tenacity at all is the vindictive Minister's bad jokes!

I, for one, think that is a real shame.

And a real disgrace.

Not to mention the fact that this relentless media focus on the trivial (ie. jokes do not kill people, bad public health policies do) is only encouraging Mr. Harper to follow his heart of darkness, safe in the knowledge that, when the chips are down, he will be able to once again unleash his ratf*ckers with impunity to roam the political landscape looking for polling point bumps that can be humped in a furious frenzy over and over and over again before, pardon the awful pun, coming to a merciful end on Oct 14th.


As I said the other day - I no longer wish to debate with these people and/or their followers.

Instead, I want to stop them.


And please do not forget: Mr. Clement was part of the government that helped make Walkerton, and everything truly awful that followed, possible.

Finally (boy, am I worked up!), Scott and especially Steve, who has been on this thing from the beginning, have the goods on just how far the Collective Hearts of Darkness that make up the Harper Government really want to take this 'get rid of all the regulators' thing.


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