Friday, October 25, 2013

Dipper Developments: Is The Guard (Really) Changing?...Part Deux

Personally, I'm watching the Twittmachine a little more closely than usual this afternoon to see to see which way the old guard wind is blowing...

And why don't those fine Dipperian MLA's who are calling up fine folks like Mr. Bailey just go on the record with their comments so that we can keep score? 
In case you missed it, Part One is.....Here.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Dix did not die and should therefore remain as leader until a new leader is ELECTED. Period. End of story.

Furthermore, the changes the bcndp need to get moving on are far more substantive than mere leadership. The party does not need a new wig to pretty it up for the voters, it needs major surgery, the sort of surgery that sustains life and hope for a more democratic - make that a much more democratic - BC in the future.

Anonymous said...

Only problem Beer is that Dix is seen to be a lame duck who is still bitter about his election loss. Yeah, yeah, I know.. but perception is reality. I like Dix, he has brains and all that, but he has been branded as 'losing the election' and that will never go away as far as that fractious party is concerned.

I think someone like Horgan (or even Farnworth) should take over as interim leader and get rid of the greenies, reconnect as a centrists party and rebrand as something other than "New", "Democratic" and "Party".

Norm Farrell said...

In an extended post-election face to face with Adrian Dix, I saw no sign of bitterness, only a clear and accurate understanding of what had been right and what had been wrong with the campaign strategy.

I hope this thoroughly decent man stays in public life at least until the next election. He understands the issues and has an unselfish dedication to improving the lives of all British Columbians.

That said, he made the right decision when he announced his intention to resign.