Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Morning Comin' Down...Replacing Holman.


Don't know about you but, as a certified provincial politics junkie who can't kick the habit, I once spent many a Sunday morning getting my fix listening to Sean Holman and his Rabble Rousers.

Which is not the name of a funked-up cowpunk swing band.

Regardless, these (sun)days I mostly try and make do with Enright and/or a tape delay of Scott Simon.

Both of whom do interesting stuff, but the subject matter is rarely Lotuslandian.

And as for the remaining local politically-focused shows on commercial radio?


We've been through all that before.

Except for this thing that Ian Jessop has been doing semi-regularly for awhile now on CFAX.

Which is to have Norm Farrell on for a half hour or so so that he can actually ask him questions, straight-up, and then listen to the answers before asking the next one.

Here is Norm from last Friday afternoon talking about sparkle ponies (i.e. decreasing, not increasing, provincial natural resource revenue) and more - the perfect thing for a Sunday morning comin' down.

Not sure how the good Mr. Baldrey is taking this given that, while he didn't call Norm a 'cultist', he did descend to name calling of another kind on the Twittmachine awhile back...
By the way....Mr. Holman is doing fine - teaching young cow punks in Calgary to do what he does so well (and getting paid for it!)...He also produced the excellent documentary on party-based political gridlock that is Lotusland-focused called 'Whipped'.



Eleanor Gregory said...

Thanks for spreading the news about Norm Farrell. I sure miss being a rabble rousser. Actually got a call from Sean today, just phoning to say hello.

RossK said...


Always good to hear from the accordian/moog player of the RRousers!