Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This Day In Snookland....Guess Who's Taking Credit For the Massey Bridge?


You know.... That bridge that the good Premier told us the cost of  'could be in the neighbourhood' of three billion dollars.

Why, it's none other than former Snooklandian, and current Vancouver Board of Trade President, Iain Black!

From the actual press release from the VBoT:

The Vancouver Board of Trade applauds today’s announcement that the Government of British Columbia will move forward with a new bridge to replace the aging George Massey Tunnel.

In January 2013, The Vancouver Board of Trade sent a letter to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure endorsing the replacement of the tunnel, after actively participating in the Province’s public consultation process. The Board of Trade pledged its support for the tunnel’s replacement, in an effort to improve the movement of goods and people along the Highway 99 corridor. Today’s announcement solidifies the Government’s commitment to delivering on that important initiative...


Maybe the Board of Trade should make a bid on that flack-hackery contract whose objective it will be, at taxpayers' expense, to create 'excitement' amongst the citizenry about the boondogg.....errrrr....bridge.

Heckfire, maybe even a director or two (pick your favourites here) could spearhead such a fine initiative initiative in public flack-hackery!

Here's a follow-up question or three for Ms Clark....Would five billion dollars still be in that 'neighbourhood' you were talkin' 'bout?....How about seven?...Or nine?...Of course, no Lotuslandian proMedia personality worth his or her industry association speaking fees would dare ask questions like that....Questions that might demonstrate that our good premier actually has no real plan or even a reasonable estimation of how much this thing will ultimately cost....OK?



Unknown said...

Maybe he's looking for an extra 50 thousand a year as an advocate of the Massey ???

RossK said...


Or, like the Flipmaster Gord, $50K for four months 'work'?


cfvua said...

There is no plan for anything as they did not plan to win. And your nine estimate is more likely where the overruns that have happened on every project these folks get near would take it.

RossK said...


Excellent point, thanks.