Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Credit Where Credit Is Due...


...For finally fixing a problem/disaster that they themselves (and their Golden Era Cronies) created.

Stephen Hui, of the GStraight, was one of the first off the hop on this one. Here's his lede:

THE HEAD OF the University of British Columbia's faculty of medicine says it's "good news" that the B.C. Liberal government has restored funding for the Therapeutics Initiative.

Managed by faculty members, the project provides evidence-based information about prescription drugs with no money from the pharmaceutical industry. The province had suspended its contract with the Therapeutics Initiative in September 2012, making the project's future uncertain.

According to the government, the reinstated contract is worth $550,000 a year and compensates UBC for providing health education and carrying out PharmaCare evaluations...

However, all is not completely happy-shiny-people quite yet.


Because the (in my opinion) deflector spinsterish 'probe' of the Snooklandians continues. Cindy Harnett of the VTC has that story at the bottom of her piece, here.

Need background on the TI, and all that it is really and truly is good for, not to mention evidence that the initial attempts to kill it preceded the 'probe'?.... See this.



persey said...

Fire lighter, fire fighter.


RossK said...



All the work that hasn't been done in the interim.

And the folks that have left the initiative or started working on other projects...'cause that's what scientists do when the funding dries up.