Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Month In Snookland....Bring On The Bush Ranger Action Heroes!


Yesterday, we noted that our fine Premier is getting together with Alberta's finest to talk pipelines 'n stuff after a November 5th Vancouver Board of Trade Mtg.

And, guess what...

An even finer fellow named Ian Anderson from Kinder Morgan's northern branch plant is going to be there too.

Along with, at least according to the Board of Trade's website, a couple of other shadowy men (and/or women) from a shadowy planet:

Imagine that!

What's with the Bush Ranger action-hero stuff in the header you may be asking?.....Well...You know....Golden Era history...Who needs it!



Anonymous said...

So predictable.

The oily clatter of Alberta coin launched into the BC Liberal party war chest drowned out her faux-protests, and chest-beating impressions.

Ms. Christy here's how seasoned bad cops roll:


RossK said...

Thanks for that SH.

(and just to be clear....this did NOT start with Ms. Christy - see links at bottom of post)


Anonymous said...

Yes, she is a happy puppet...

RossK said...

And we just have to 'gwyn' and bear it...


kootcoot said...

And I just keep on keeping on "gwyning" until I can't help but cry!