Monday, October 07, 2013

This Day In Snookland...The 'L' Word.


Based on the pre-game, leak-assisted wurlitzering that was Mike Smyth's column yesterday, it would appear that the Fazil-assisted Snooklandians are gearing up to play the 'Let's All Pitch-In And Fix Our Oil Spill Problem' card in the upcoming newscycle or four.

But anyone who has been paying even the slightest attention knows that our woeful spill response capability is very, very old news indeed.

Instead, the newer (non-Malaysian) 'energy' news is about the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of Christy Clark's herd of LNG  sparkle-ponies  that was broken by Justine Hunter of The Globe last week.

First, there was Ms. Clark's reiteration of the very carefully parsed 'clean' pitch of uber-fauxiosity:

...“My commitment is to have the cleanest LNG facilities in the world,” Ms. Clark told an editorial board meeting of The Globe and Mail on Tuesday.

The Premier has made that promise to British Columbia repeatedly, a commitment that could have repercussions for natural gas producers if it applied to extraction of the raw resource.

“We have set a goal to have the cleanest LNG in the world,” the Premier told the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China, last year...

Then came an attempt to obfuscate obtusely when it came to the reality of the thing, also straight from the mouth of the  'Say Anything' Premier herself:

...(Ms. Clark) clarified on Tuesday that she never intended for that commitment to capture the emissions produced upstream.

“We don’t produce LNG in the northeast, we produce natural gas. We will produce liquefied natural gas in the northwest, so that’s what we have been talking about,” she said. “There is no ‘L’ in LNG until it gets to Kitimat or Prince Rupert.”...


Does Ms. Clark really think the world will swallow her codswallop that 'upstream' frack-gas from the North-East will suddenly become 'clean' just because it has been shipped to, and then liquified in, the North-West?



Chris said...

I guess it's just me who saw today's announcement about the surprising, unexpected, awesome, totally not considered before, brand new new order for some extra coast guard vessels as the way that Clark will claim to have pushed a solution to the potential oil hazards.... funny how that works, I thought.

RossK said...


Ya, well...

I wrote this post last night (Sunday) in anticipation of the full-on spin-deflector wurlitzering to come that Mr. Smyth started cranking yesterday morning.

Of course, in true Mikey fashion the leak-assisted crank was disguised as tough-guy faux popularism.


Chris said...

Yeah, and I agree. You're right.
I was just thinking about the new angle today when I heard the "news".

RossK said...

Is it possible that, in some political quarters, the decision has been made to destroy what we already had so that the claim of 'new and improved' (and 'we' did it!) can be slapped on the resurrection?


Guy Chua said...

Christy & her "team' were quite absent for today's big announcement. Are the Feds taking turns with the BC Libs for free right wing ads in the Sun &
Province ?

One paper did manage to get a one line quote from CC..... she must have been in a hurry because it lacked the usual a million more jobs for BC families etc. etc....

The right wing nuts will sleep better tonight ?

Guy in Vic

The Mound of Sound said...

She can run her mouth but won't be able to hide the inevitable emissions of a major LNG initiative. Leaks are visible to IR cameras which is how enviros expose them in the States.

Once the leaks are documented, Clark is going to have to reconcile them with our government's mandated emission cuts.

My guess is that she wants to keep a lid on this long enough to get it up and running by which time her successors can deal with the fallout.

e.a.f. said...

Mound of sound is quite correct, "her successors can deal with the fallout". That will be the big problem. c.c. and the stevie cons will make the deals, reap their rewards, go off and the rest of us will be left to clean up the mess.

The MSM is simply an organ monkey for the lieberals and theirs.