Friday, October 18, 2013

That Day In Snookland...The Railgate Reunion?


Bob Mackin has been doing a little digging into who was 'invited' to Christy Clark's 'private' Cabinet swinging Swear-In back in the early summer:

Premier Christy Clark broke from tradition on June 7 with a Cabinet Naming Ceremony at Canada Place. In case you missed it, the entire 54-minute, 37-second extravaganza is available on YouTube...

{snippety doo-dah}

...So who went? That is a good question. The attendance list was not released, but the list of invitees was. See it below. I pored over the document and made some lists of my own...


And, guess what...

Pretty much the entire BC Rail 'Sale/Not-Sale gang (sans Spiderman, of course) was invited to the really big show:

...There were eight key figures from the 2003 controversy on the invite list: CN chair David McLean, ex-Premier Gordon Campbell, lobbyist/strategist Patrick Kinsella, ex-lobbyist/Campbell aide Jamie Elmhirst, ex-BC Rail director James Shepard, ex-Finance Minister Gary Collins, ex-Deputy Minister Chris Trumpy, ex-BC Liberal Party executive director Kelly Reichert...

Imagine that!

Go read Uncle Bob's entire post to learn more, including how the 'timing' of the Swear-In ensured that there was no need to follow lobbyist reporting rules.
Speaking of digging and nuggets and all that.....Norm!


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Anonymous said...

Besides which? Christy Clark works for Harper as, Campbell did before her. We know both Harper and Campbell lied and cheated to win their elections. Now Christy too is under investigation for, cheating to win as well. As Campbell was setting up his first election lie? The BCR was not for sale? Christy was Campbell's Deputy Premier at that time.

Christy Clark approved the Enbridge pipeline, right from day one. Trust or believe the likes of Christy Clark? Not on your Nelly. She is just another Campbell, wearing a skirt.

Harper and his so called Conservatives and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals? All of them lied and cheated to win their elections. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989.