Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This Day In Snookland...The Neighbourhood.


(Updated at the bottom of the post...)

...“Could be in that neighbourhood”...

That was Premier Christy Clark's erudite and very finely-tuned, extremely fiscally thoughtful response to the floating of the kinda/sorta/maybe possibility that the Massey Megabridge thingy might cost three billion dollars, as re-quoted by the Dean in the VSun yesterday.

Mr. Palmer also noted that there may be little incentive for the Snooklandians to spend that kind of money on a rapid transit line out Broadway to UBC for all kinds of reasons (Beware the Shiny Gregor!), including the fact that, unlike the Massey Megabridge, such a line will service ridings that they do not own.

Interestingly, in response to our latest Ferries post, a reader sent along a note in which they wondered if, maybe, the Snooklandians don't give a hoot-in-heckfire about BCF because most of VIsle and the rest of the Coast is currently Dipperland...
Update: Peter Ladner makes a good point about all this bridge building/car carrying madness, which is....Car travel on Lotsulandian bridges is actually down, significantly....Gosh....Perhaps the good Mr. Bateman (you know the fine fellow from the CTF who is so worried about how public monies are spent), who ran, in my opinion, an Astroturf operation that helped pave the way for the three billion dollar Ice Bomb bridge, could tell us what he thinks about that (and if you click through on the link you might find the name of the fine fellow who was promoting the Turf most interesting....In a 'Quick Wins' sort of way...If you get my drift).


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