Friday, October 18, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Let The Shinying Begin.


First out of the gate with the 'news' of a new shiny object for the Lotuslandian proMedia to focus on, post-Horgan walk-away was, it would appear, Sunny Dhillon of The Globe:

...(Vancouver mayor Gregor) Robertson was in New York last week for a mayoral summit and will next month lead a delegation of business leaders to China. After the speech he told reporters he’ll look for opportunities to partner with Chinese companies and attract investment into Vancouver.

He also, after again being asked, insisted he’s not interested in the B.C. NDP leadership...


Meanwhile, the Dean actually spoke to Mr. Horgan, kinda/sorta. And in the bet-hedging that ensued Mr. Palmer floated an idea that reader scotty-on-denman had already suggested in the comments to a previous post:

...(I)f the party executive opted to hold off the (leadership) vote until 2015, Dix might continue with his intention to step down next year. In that event, John Horgan could be on the short list for interim leader.

Imagine that!

For the record, the denizens of the PacificGazette's subterranean homesick bluesroom  (i.e. the Whackadoodle and me) actually like the interim leader idea...
And, in news that actually matters (that I missed because I've been climbing in and out bloody cigar tubes), the Snooklandians are STILL NOT funding the Therapeutics Initiative.
Interestingly, last night the cigar almost had to land in Seattle because of the dreaded, get this....Fog!....Apparently, those old Mulroney/Schreiber buses just aren't equipped for flying through pea soup.


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