Monday, October 28, 2013

If Gordon Campbell Flew In Today....Would They Send A Limosine Anyway?


During the production of his most excellent documentary on political party discipline, Sean Holman considered including a portion of this infamous media scrum with the current Snooklandian smart-meter reader (and former turdstorm-slinger), Mr. Bill Bennett, about his previous interactions with the king of the Golden Era.

And while the footage didn't make it into the movie (maybe because it has less to do with party discipline and more to do with oligarchy?) it is riveting nonetheless...

Earworm in the header, above, buggin' you?.....This!



Kim said...

If only he really was committed to the truth, but the reality is that as chief smart meter reader, he is committing the same HST Railroad with BC Hydro as he accused Campbell with the HST.

For one brief moment you almost believed him. Sad shit.

RossK said...