Monday, October 28, 2013

Seventeen Days Of Brutin.


I've had a good string of Saturday mornings lately.

Today was a lazy one spent scratching the dog's ears absentmindedly while I read the week's pile of dead tree news and listened to Jason Isbell.


The string started about a month ago when I got up and discovered the big pile of goo-laden cookies shown above that littler e. had baked for me.

My kids and I have name for that kind of stuff - stuff that is really good but really bad for you.

We call it 'Brutin'.

And I honestly can't remember why.

But I do remember the summer holiday we ate it for seventeen days straight.

The holiday day below, spent in a favourite Berkeley backyard of ours, was not one of them.

Did not go to see the Muscle Shoals doc last night...Why?...Well, the rock doctors met here and we played all night long...What I do with those guys is very loud and very blues based (i.e. it is not the kind of stuff I do here)...Did get them to stand still long enough to do 'Crash On The Levee' though...Just didn't tell them it was Dylan...
Speaking of which...



Danneau said...

I'd love to hear some of the more raucous stuff you do. Erica and I are off to a local Legion this evening for a private party to celebrate a fellow musician's 60th. He's the host of the Bandudes, but also plays with several other ensembles. Should be interesting. I checked out the Soundhouse Studio link--looks like a dandy space and the rates seem quite reasonable. Loved the Levee mp3. Be well.

RossK said...

Have fun tonight Danneau!

As you know, recording loud stuff is a whole different deal.

Soundhouse is great for geezers. It's not cheap (i.e. kids who are really trying to make it by practicing non-stop couldn't afford it), but if you just like to play semi-regularly it is really worth it...We usually play for 4 hours (8 to midnight) and rent a bass and guitar amp on-site so we don't have to lug stuff (I ride my bike down...They also provide the basics of a drum kit and a PA with three mikes (the bigger room which costs more actually has monitors as well)....When we get there everything is set up in the room, all of which are sound-proof and have decent acoustics, so we're ready to go pretty much immediately....That costs the five of us a hundred bucks - total. I really don't thing there is anything I can do for a whole night for 20 bucks...